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Why JN Consulting?

Jordan separates himself from other agents through his belief system and commitment to success. His focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship.

Demand vs Supply?


Jordan provides the best way to achieve your ideal selling price through marketing strategies, creating stress free transactions for both sellers and buyers.

The Best Service and Results!

Jordan works with you through open discussions on well thought options and further helps you achieve your goals, via effective negotiations and closing.

Learn more about the JN vision and consulting approach today!

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Hi, I am Jordan Ng


Jordan was previously a Business Leader managing Asia Pacific Japan markets before he ventured into Real Estate Consulting. Being very detailed and careful with numbers, clients trust him for his analytics skills and advice. He has proven ability to help his clients achieve their goals. 


"Any Real Estate decision involves a substantial amount of funds, it is thus important to understand the client first, then work with them to secure the best option."

- Jordan Ng

If you Planning to Sell your Property to...


  • Move to EC/ Condo / Landed Property

  • Reside in desirable area


  • Prepare for your Child's Primary School Registration

  • Stay Close to Parents

  • Take care of Elderly Parents


  • Move to a smaller unit

  • Cash out for retirement

Call me at 90098981

Solutions to Retirement Planning

Jordan helps you identify investment properties, that can provide rental yield suitable for your retirement goals. Investment in property also helps you achieve capital preservation goals. 


Solutions to Asset Planning

​Jordan helps you sell faster by attracting the correct buyer for your property. This is a real time saver as you do not need to work through so many agents. You will also be guided on the steps to upgrade in a stress free way!


Solutions to Wealth planning 

Jordan helps you spot the right property suitable for your life stage and goals. This is an added value to help you navigate the complex and dynamic property market.  


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Hear what people have to say
My clients are my top priority, and my services prove just how committed I am to their success. Book an introductory meeting with me today to experience the difference. Let's make your DREAMS COME TRUE.

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Awards from Propnex
(Singapore's largest and Public listed Real Estate Agency)

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