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People say 'Knowledge is power' but to me, I believe we will need to apply what we know to attain its benefits.

Jordan holds a Master's Degree in Marketing and was a Senior Director managing Sales operations, with P&L responsibilities for MNCs prior to changing career trajectory to Real Estate. His expertise included business strategy, product marketing, distribution, and client management. You can see more of his past achievements on his Linked In page. 

Jordan's interest in real estate started when he first invested in Myanmar in 2011. The consortium he joined successfully built a hotel in Napyidaw. Although the construction was successful, things took a turn for the worse due to political instability. In the same year, however, Jordan made other property investments overseas and gained 18% over a period of 8 months. Even though it didn't recover his initial losses, he learned firsthand the risks of investing in overseas property. In 2013, he also bought an EC in Singapore and made a good profit. 

Jordan uses his corporate skillsets to provide consulting services to his valued clients. As a result, he created success for his clients repeatedly. When you choose JN Consulting, you are effectively working with a property consultant who is skilled in the Sales and Marketing of your property, Analytics of the economy and market trends, Negotiations with sellers and buyers, Communications and management of co-broke agents, and most importantly Achieving success for your goals.

Other Interests:
Terrarium building, Plants, reading, building business from scratch.

Connect with me and get to know me. 

My favorite quote:
"I have been impressed with the urgency of doing.
Knowing is not enough; we must apply. 
Being willing is not enough; we must do."  
- Leonardo Da Vinci 

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