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Keen on making the most of your property investment journey, but not sure what options are available? Read on, call me to find out more!

Upgrade your property

Looking to upgrade to a condominium as you embark on the next stage in your life? More than just a lifestyle upgrade, moving to a condominium offers potential for a significant capital appreciation. JN Consulting provides you with options and helps you make a holistic decision.

Buying your First Home

Getting the keys to the very first home you purchase is exciting! But before that, you would have to ensure that everything is in order. Ascertaining that you fulfill the eligibility criteria for the property type is important. You need to know what are the grants available for you based on your household income. JN Consulting advises you on the process.


With the implementation of further additional buyer’s stamp duty (ABSD), home investors would essentially have to pay a greater amount of taxes on the purchase of a 2nd property. Decoupling comes in, after careful calculations so one party could buy another property for investment purposes, without incurring the ABSD.


Portfolio diversification is a game changer strategy for many property investors who seek to build their real estate investment portfolio while holding onto their residential property. By tapping on this strategy, you would be able to unlock the monetary value of your property without selling it and proceed to purchase another property as an investment.

Asset Progression

Due to work from home flexibility,  people started looking for larger spaces; hence property prices have sky rocketed during the last couple of years. Many sellers made a considerable profit as a result. Asset progression planning is a journey to grow your wealth. This would also mean that you have to start mapping out your goals early as your family needs and priorities are unique. 


Everyone talks about rental yield!  Factors including amenities, as well as industrial parks and commercial hubs in the vicinity, could give rise to a significant rental yield. In today's high rent market, positive cashflow is possible if you find a good location. 


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